Sabah Environmental Protection Association was mooted after the June 1982 Civic Consciousness Program undertaken by the Department of National Unity Sabah. It was registered on 12th November, 1983 and sine then has focused in conserving the Environment as the only activist Environmental NGO in Sabah.

It has battled and won to preserve the town padang (1985) and Likas Bay (1997 – 2001) apart from raising various environmental issues and engaging the government to go for sustainable development. Recently SEPA had been instrumental in getting the government to CHANGE its energy policy. By combining strength with 4 other NGOs, SEPA formed GREENsurf to battle against the proposed coal-fired power plant that was finally abrogated in April 2011.

Please click link below to read the association constitution.

Undang Undang Bagi Persatuan Perlindungan Alam Sekitar Sabah (1994)


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