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KOTA KINABALU: To Earth With Love is organizing a workshop to teach the public on how to manage their household waste with Effective Microorganism (EM) technique. The workshop will be held twice every month from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm at Luyang Composting Centre next to the Luyang Community Hall. Member of public who interested are welcome to come and learn.

This Sunday (30 June 2013) 3.00 pm, the Luyang Community Group is hosting a workshop on how to process a grass waste to compos fertilizer. Public can see on how such neglected waste can be process as a natural fertilizer for small farm and house hold use.

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Please go to To Earth With Love Facebook Page for more information about the schedule of the workshop. Practitioners of composting waste gladly share their experience and the benefit of managing the household food waste. The workshop will be consisted three sets of skills which are making E-MAS, Mud Balls and Bokashi.


EM Naturally Active is a non-chemical solution for use in the home and garden. This concept consists of a range of products for use in and around the home including the garden, for pets, aquariums, swimming pools, making compost from kitchen waste and household cleaning. It boosts the immune system of soil, plants, water, pets and yourself.

Bokashi is a method that uses a mix of microorganisms to cover food waste to decrease smell. It derives from the practice of Japanese farmers centuries ago of covering food waste with rich, local soil that contained the microorganisms that would ferment the waste. After a few weeks, they would bury the waste that weeks later, would become soil.

EM Mudballs are made of dried mud into which EM Bokashi and Activated EM1 have been kneaded. They are used to clean up bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans where there are concentrated deposits of sludge and slime.

To Earth With Love is a collaboration effort between Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA), Young Malaysia Movement (YMM) Sabah and Sabah Banking Employees’ Union (SBEU). Many community awareness projects were organized since it started 2 years ago to spread the importance of making sure our environment clean to sustain for future.

Participation from various group such as religious, community and schools has participated and incorporated the know how to their own activities and lifestyle. It is hope that more to join the effort and make sure our environment is still good for our future generation.

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To Earth With Love are having a EM Mudball, EM Rice Rinse and Bokashi Workshop twice a month started last month till end of this year. The workshop is held at Luyang Compost Center inside the Luyang Community Hall. To Earth With Love is the collaboration between three NGOs (Young Malaysia Movement, Sabah Environmental Protection Association and Sabah Banking Employees Union).

Mudball Workshop

Program Head Deric Chiew explained, the objective of this project is to create more awareness among the community the importance in cleaning our drainage and river by learning to manage our house hold waste. Those who interested to join can look at the program schedule below.


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To Earth With Love: EM Mudball Workshop