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For those who are interested to join SEPA, please DOWNLOAD the form, fill in and sent it to the contact address. Please refer below for the Entrance Fee and Subscription Fee.

Membership renewal must be done by 29th February 2016.

Entrance Fee
Ordinary Member RM5
Associate Member RM3

Subscription Fee
Ordinary Member RM12 /year
Associate Member RM6 / year
Life Member RM250
Institutional member RM50 / year
Corporate Member RM200
Life Corporate RM5000

Entrance fee is not needed for renewal membership. Please print out and complete the form, and return back to SEPA office. Please insist an official receipt after paying the subscription fees.

Direct Bank In only applicable for transaction more than RM50

Alliance Bank  Malaysia Berhad



If you have further enquiries, please contact us at this email sepasabah@gmail.com



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Calls for more transparency on KB housing project

By Ezra Haganez
KOTA BELUD : A local activist has called on the authorities to explain if the proposed development of 2,000-unit public flat at Kg Pirasan near here has an approved EIA or Environment Impact Assesment, as earth-works started weeks ago.
Kanul Gindol, a political and human right activist, said he has been approached by concerned locals of what is going on at the site which happened to be close to the pristine Kadamaian River.

“As a concerned local citizen and in a position to observe, i am issuing this statement upon requests by my environment-concerned friends on the government’s proposed development of a 900-unit “peoples flat” near here.

“We believed this 900 units are part of the proposed 2,000 units Rumah Rakyat to be built here as announced by the Federal Government earlier last year,” Kanul said in a statement here today.
Kanul who is also chairman of Kelawat New Township Planning and Development Committee, said earth-moving and hill cuttings have started at the proposed site in Pirasan but many are asking if a transparent EIA has been approved for such development.
“Villagers in the vicinity also have raised concerned of future floodings if proper drainage are not to be thoroughly planned and carried out as had happenned in many incidences in Malaysia, particularly in Sabah.
“There are even claims that a “public consultation” with those affected in the vicinity had failed to be carried out. We call on the authorities to explain this so as to quash unnecessary rumours on the much-needed housing project,” he pointed out.
Kanul said everyone had welcomed development, more so for affordable houses like this one in Kota Belud. However, he said, stringent regulations must be followed.
“We wanted to believe that the Government especially the Federal Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry as well as the Kota Belud local authority would have looked into all the requirements so as not to burden the peoples and the state later.
“We call to attention the prevalent floods as soon as construction sites appeared in the vicinity. We are talking of preventing floods, and not managing them only later, which is a bad planning,” he further said.
The activist also claimed that many in Kota Belud are also very concerned by few other on-going projects here where good planning seemed not to have been put in place before carrying out these projects.
“One glaring example is the unnecessary tiling of pedestrian pavement that was put around the Kota Belud town recently. Why was the tiles on these pavements suddenly ordered to be taken out last week and replaced with another similar tiles?
“Isn’t it a waste of public fund? Another example is the upgrading of the town’s Padang, where initially they have put up fence at the wrong perimeter. The contractor was forced to realign the fencing for the site which would have not been the case if there were good planning,” he said.
“Some may claim that these issues are small things, but how could one trust someone or the authorities for bigger things when even in small things they failed?,” Kanul said.
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Kota Kinabalu, 18th September 2013: It was the people of Sabah, the regular members of the public that rejected three attempts for the building of a coal fired power plant in Sabah clarified Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) President, Lanash Thanda.

3 locations proposed for Coal Power Plant

Lanash was responding to media articles, which quoted the Deputy Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid stating that the proposed coal plant in Sabah had been prevented by “an NGO leader”.

“Mahdzir is new to this Ministry and seems unfamiliar with what occurred in Sabah for the last few years, although he spent time here as a teacher in the 1980s, the people Sabah are the ones who were against the coal fired power plant,” stated Lanash.

The first proposed site was in Silam, Lahad Datu, where the EIA was not approved and grassroots movement led by the esteemed Wong Tack past president of SEPA. This site was rejected by the State Assembly on the grounds of potential harm it would bring to the community and to the nearby environmentally sensitive areas.

The second site was in Seguntor, Sandakan, where the local community took the lead. Once again in 2008, the State Assemble rejected the proposed coal plant due to strong objection from the community and the environmentally sensitive area.
Finally for the third and final time it was mooted by the Prime Minister on December 2008 and to be sited at the Dent Peninsular, Lahad Datu, close to the site of the now infamous Lahad Datu invasion.

In November 2009, GreenSURF, a coalition of individuals and NGOs was formed to lead in the fight against the proposed coal fired plant. In August 2010 the Detailed EIA was rejected, this was due to the hundreds of letters objecting to the proposed coal plant that were sent to the Department of Environment.

In a press statement announcing the rejection of the third attempt of the proposed coal power plant issued by the Chief Minister of Sabah’s office on the 16th of February 2011, it stated that, “The Prime Minister understands that while we need to build up our power supply in Sabah, it can’t be done at the expense of the people’s welfare and the environment,”.

“So, even the Prime Minister says he understands, why are we wasting our time revisiting or even entertaining this idea of another coal fired power plant in Sabah?” asked Lanash.

According to Lanash, enough time, money and effort had been spent on this issue and we must move forward with the Green Energy agenda not take two steps backwards by looking at dirty sources of energy like coal.

“Datuk Mahdzir should be concentrating on improving and expanding Green Energy resources. Sabah has plenty of these and we are more than happy to sit down with him to discuss such options,” concluded the SEPA President.

Sabah Environmental Protection Association